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The Tai Chi Journey

The Tai Chi Journey

The Tai Chi journey is thus a journey without signposts or guides. This means that the traveller is completely on their own. There is no Guru, guide or authority that can say “this is the way.” Each of us must find our own natural way and flow with it where it leads us."

Just as the river finds the ocean because nature takes it there, a Tai Chi person needs no guide or map to take them there, Tai Chi is simply a means to help the traveller find their path."

The Tai Chi teacher is merely someone who has learned a little through his own Tai Chi Journey, he does not know the way of nature’s path, if he did he would already have disappeared into the oneness of nature.

Taoism and Tai Chi
More than ever people are useing Tai Chi as a way to understand the principles of Taoism, ( an ancient Chinese philosophy of life or “the Way” natures own path) At the heart of Oriental philosophy and culture, Taoismis built on moderation, humility and integrity. It celebrates the forces of nature and recognizes the interplay of Yin and Yang in all things, and in lots of ways a very modern way of looking at the world. People who practice Tai Chi regularly often arrive at an uderstanding of there own personal Tao (or path) which inturn helps them understand the great Tao of nature.