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Students of the Ru-Chi Academy


We have asked some of our students to explain why they started Tai Chi and why they have continued to train with us at the Ru-Chi Academy.

I enjoy Tai Chi because it teaches me to relax, and also helps restore a sense of balance and peace of mind during a busy and often stressful week.” Lindsey

When people ask me why I practice Tai Chi? I reply, why not? I have not found any aspect of Tai Chi and Qigong that has not had a positive effect on my life. Practicing the various forms has gradually increased my strength and flexibility, while the meditation has brought an inner calm, both of which have led to greater self-confidence and awareness.” Chris R

You can attend this class to stay flexible. You can attend if you have an interest in self defence. Drawing on the systems developed in Chinese medicine, you can use Tai Chi to help with ailments in your muscles and internal organs. With its more meditative aspects you can work to relax the worries and concerns of modern life. Anyone of these is enough of a reason to do Tai Chi. I come to this club because here I have the opportunity to do all four if I want to.” Gareth

I took up Tai Chi because I had heard it was good for developing healthy body and mind. I was not really sure how it achieved this although I remember reading that it was like a combination of yoga and martial art, but slower and steadier and with no fighting so you don’t get hurt. I have an open mind and wanted to try something different so I did. It started purely as an eveningclass and is now becoming a lifestyle.” Chris S